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BCI Meeting 2010

Fourth International Meeting
Asilomar, California
May 31 - June 4, 2010

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Important Updates!

*The Journal of Neural Engineering has extended the deadline for the special issue until July 31, 2010.*

If you have presented research results at the Fourth International BCI Meeting at Asilomar (May 31 - June 4, 2010), and wish to report these results in this special issue of the Journal of Neuroengineering, please submit your article to the Journal via the web submission form:

You will be able to select the special issue during the submission process. Please note authors are invited to submit short communications (2500 words plus figure). Full papers (5000 words plus figures) will be considered after discussion with the editor.

Workshop leaders who are planning to submit their workshop summaries should understand that all submissions will be subject to standard peer review, and that their submission does not replace the 300-word summary requested by the conference organizers.

These summaries will be included in an editorial describing the meeting. Those should be sent directly to vaughan@wadsworth.org.

For queries on journal submissions, please contact jne@iop.org

Group photo of meeting participants 7th BCI2000 Workshop
g.tec BCI award
Latest News:

2010-06-02   New locations for Special Sessions: #1 will be held in Curlew, #4 in Chapel
2010-06-02   New locations for Thursday's Workshops 7 (Viewpoint East) and 21 (Heather)
2010-05-31   The Meeting has started!
2010-05-30   First International Woman in BCI Research Get Together, Wednesday, June 2, 2010
2010-05-29   Planning for the Fifth International BCI Meeting: Wednesday, June 2, 2010
2010-05-28   The student meeting will be held in Surf and Sand on May 31
2010-05-26   Updates on Poster Presentations and Student Poster Contest
2010-05-26   All requests for Demonstrations needs must be complete by Friday, May 28, 5 PM EST
2010-05-26   All A-V requests for your workshops must be complete by Friday, May 28, 5 PM EST
2010-05-26   Abstracts for poster presentations are now online, the full list is accessible from the posters page
2010-05-22   Important opportunity for students attending the Asilomar BCI meeting
2010-05-21   Last chance to make housing reservations and register - only 10 days left until the conference starts!
2010-05-19   A Wiki has been set up to facilitate interactions among meeting participants
2010-05-18   List of poster presentations added
2010-05-18   Meeting Schedule and Workshops updated
2010-05-13   Student Scholarship Winners announced
2010-05-12   Publication in the Journal of Neural Engineering
2010-04-28   Poster boards will be available at the conference
2010-03-18   Applications for Student scholarships will be considered
2010-03-16   Updated Transportation information
2010-02-22   Added Visa Information
2010-02-03   Meeting Registration Form is now available
2010-01-28   Asilomar Housing Form is now available
2010-01-23   Abstract submission is closed

Overview: Brain-computer interface (BCI) technology is a potentially powerful new communication and control option for those with severe motor disabilities. The pace and volume of BCI research have grown very rapidly over the past decade. The success of this exciting work depends on close and productive interaction of scientists, engineers, and clinicians from many different disciplines and requires recognition and attention to a number of crucial issues. This meeting is designed to foster such interdisciplinary interactions and address these crucial issues, and thereby promote the development of BCI systems of practical value to people with disabilities.

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