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BCI Meeting 2010

 Note: Details may be subject to change

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  1. Meeting Place
    The meeting will take place at the Asilomar Conference Center on the Monterey Peninsula, part of the California State Park System. The conference center, which constitutes the largest collection of Arts and Crafts-style buildings in one location, is a National Historic Landmark. Its facilities include a 650-seat auditorium, and venues to accommodate 15 simultaneous sessions. The restaurant on campus provides meals and refreshments and will be wholly committed to the meeting attendees. Overnight lodging for at least 300 people is available on the campus and has been reserved in anticipation of the meeting. The Center's secluded and scenic location fosters intensive and productive interactions among meeting participants. Many scientific meetings occur at this unique and essentially ideal venue.

    Against a previous annoncement made in error, transportation is the responsibility of the participants and is not covered by the conference fee.

    Ground Transportation Information:
    Travel Times:
    Monterey Airport to Asilomar - approximately 25 minutes
    San Francisco Airport to Asilomar - approximately 2.5 hours
    San Jose Airport to Asilomar - approximately 1.5 hours

    The Monterey Airbus provides transportation to and from all three airports. You must prearrange your travel. Go to http://www.montereyairbus.com/ and click "Book a Seat Now" at the top of their website. Follow the directions under the "Arrival" section to arrange transport to and from the airport. Under the "Dropoff Location" pulldown menu, be sure to click "Asilomar Conference Grounds", Please contact Monterey Airbus at 831-373-7777 with any ground transportation questions.
  2. Accomodations
    All participants will be housed on site and all meals for all attendees taken together on site so that there will be ample opportunity for informal discussions. For more information on accomodations, see Housing Registration.
  3. Visa Information
    Conference attendees who need a visa to travel to the US are encouraged to apply for a visa as soon as possible. Those who need invitation letters to get a visa may contact Sophia Pallone at sglinos@wadsworth.org.
  4. Format
    Because of the growth in the field of BCI research, 250-300 participants are expected to attend this meeting. These will include investigators from at least 100 BCI research groups, associated graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows, and experts from related fields. All attendees commit to the entire meeting, from the opening reception on the evening of Monday, May 31 through the final summary discussion at breakfast the morning of Friday, June 4. As described in the following subsections, the meeting will have seven basic formal elements as well as several informal elements:
    1. Laboratory Research Reports
      On the first full day, representatives of selected BCI laboratories will present brief summaries (i.e., < 10 min including a few questions) of their current BCI research program. These presentations will occupy a total of 9 hours. Selection of the summaries to be presented will be done in advance from among abstracts submitted by registrants. The conference committee (which will make the selections) is comprised of attendees who have published extensively in BCI or closely related fields
    2. Workshops
    3. Special Sessions
      Participants may request special sessions devoted to particular purposes. These will run concurrent with the workshops. The deadline for requesting a special session is April 1. Acceptance will depend on space availability. The requestor(s) will be responsible for session organization and logistics.
    4. Keynote Address and Participation of Authorities from Related Fields
      On the opening evening, Dr. W. Zev Rymer will present the keynote address. Dr. Rymer is the John G. Searle Professor of Rehabilitation Research at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, and he holds faculty appointments in the departments of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Physiology, and Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern. He is a widely known and revered authority on and participant in both basic and translational research aimed at restoring neuromuscular function. Distinguished experts in other fields directly relevant to BCI research have also been invited to attend the meeting and have indicated that they will do so. They include: Drs. Leonardo Cohen, Gerald Loeb, Paul Nunez, Robert Knight, Bruce Dobkin, Alan Gevins, and Leonard Lodish and others. We anticipate that, as workshop members and in other capacities, they will make invaluable contributions to the meeting.
    5. Demonstrations of Functioning BCI Systems

      All requests for tables and chairs or additional power needs for Demonstrations must be complete by Friday, May 28, 5 PM EST.

      In the evenings, participants will have the opportunity to see a variety of functioning BCI systems in operation, and in some cases to try them themselves. We will also invite BCI users who wish to do so to attend the meeting and to demonstrate the functioning of their devices and discuss their perceptions of the advantages and disadvantages of the devices they use. Demonstrations were one of the most popular and worthwhile aspects of the 1999, 2002, and 2005 meetings. We anticipate that a larger number of improved BCI systems will be presented at this new meeting, and there will be intense interest in observing the actual use of these systems for important purposes, particularly by people who are dependent upon them.
    6. Poster Presentations
      The evenings will also feature poster presentations by attendees who did not give oral presentations, as well as by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. These presentations will amplify the description of each lab's work and should provide the presenters with valuable commentary.

      Posters will be viewed throughout the meeting. However, to facilitate scheduling, we ask the following.
      1. All students participating in the student poster contest, regardless of your number, please be at your posters Wednesday night.
      2. All non-student authors with poster assignments ending in an ODD number plan to be at their poster in the evening of Wednesday, June 2nd.
      3. All non-student authors with poster assignments ending in an EVEN number plan to be at their poster on Thursday, June 3rd.
      List of poster presentations

      Students participating in the poster contest should make sure to sign the list at the registration desk when checking into the meeting.
      Don't forget to be at your posters on the night of Wednesday, June 2nd!

      Poster Boards
      Poster boards will be available. Two (2) posters will be on each side of each board. The maximum size of each poster is 46 in x 46 in (116 cm x 116 cm). As the posters have now been grouped and categorized, we cannot accept requests for having your posters grouped together anymore.
    7. Users' Forum
      BCI research aims to develop devices that are practical and useful to people who need them. The users' forum will discuss technology design, system selection, user and caregiver training, and daily use of speech-generating devices, and will in general provide feedback to BCI researchers on the most important directions for the field. We anticipate that several current BCI users will participate.
    8. Plenary Session
      The afternoon of the third full day (Thursday) will feature a plenary session, which will summarize the workshops. The leaders of each workshop will present a 15-min summary. The goal will be to familiarize all the participants with the topics discussed in each workshop, the related discussion, and the conclusions or recommendations drawn from this effort.
    9. Summary Session
      As at the previous meetings, this breakfast session on the last day will provide an informal format for summarizing and critiquing both the form and content of the meeting, for planning future meetings, and addressing other questions of importance to the entire BCI research community.
    10. Informal Discussions and Interactions
      With all of the participants housed at the conference site and with all meals for all attendees taken together on site, the three full days of the meeting will provide ample opportunities for informal discussion. These interactions among participants are crucial to the success of the meeting and to the future course of BCI research and development.
    11. Satellite Meetings
      There are now plans for two satellite meetings to be associated with the Fourth International BCI Meeting, and more satellites may develop over the next year. These associated meetings will attract additional people who may not have attended the BCI series in the past and will increase the appeal and usefulness of the meeting for those already planning to attend.

      Satellite I. The seventh BCI2000 Workshop is proposed as a satellite event prior to the Fourth International BCI Meeting. BCI2000 is a general-purpose software platform for BCI research and applications. Its development over the past decade has been led by our group at the Wadsworth Center. BCI2000 has been given to more than 300 laboratories around the world, and is in use for a wide variety of different studies. To date, the BCI2000 project has organized four workshops: in June 2005 (Albany, New York); in June 2007 (Beijing, China); in December 2007 (Rome, Italy) and in July 2008 (Utrecht, The Netherlands). The sixth will be held later this year. They have each been attended by an average of 45 participants. These workshops were typically held over two days: the first day introduced potential users to the practical aspects of BCI experiments by providing hands-on tutorials. The second day gave additional theoretical and technical details.
    12. First International Woman in BCI Research Get Together
      Bring your breakfast out to the picnic tables on Wednesday morning, June 2, for an informal get-together.
  5. Publication and Other Plans for Dissemination

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