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June 3-7, 2013
Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, California

Meeting Information

Who Should Attend

Physicians, neuroscientists, neurologists, psychologists, physiatrists, systems and rehabilitation engineers, applied mathematicians, computer scientists, clinical rehabilitation specialists, BCI researchers and actual BCI users.

Meeting Place

The meeting will take place at the Asilomar Conference Center on the Monterey Peninsula, part of the California State Park System. The conference center which constitutes the largest collection of Arts and Crafts-style buildings in one location is a National Historic Landmark. Its facilities include a 650-seat auditorium, and venues to accommodate 15 simultaneous sessions. The Crocker Dining Hall is a spacious and welcoming gathering spot with high-beamed ceilings, stone pillars, hard wood floors and incomparable views of the forest and the dunes of Asilomar State Beach. Overnight lodging is available on the campus and has been reserved in anticipation of the meeting. The Center's secluded and scenic location fosters intensive and productive interactions among meeting participants. Many scientific meetings occur at this unique and essentially ideal venue.

Asilomar Area Map

Asilomar Conference Grounds Map

Ground Transportation Information

Transportation is the responsibility of the participants and is not covered by the conference fee.

Travel Times:
Monterey Airport to Asilomar - approximately 25 minutes
San Francisco Airport to Asilomar - approximately 2.5 hours
San Jose Airport to Asilomar - approximately 1.5 hours

The Monterey Airbus provides transportation to and from all three airports. You must prearrange your travel. Go to http://www.montereyairbus.com for information on rates, schedules and to book your seat. (Click "Book" at the top of their website. Follow the directions under the "Arrival" section to arrange transport to and from the airport. Under the "Drop-off Location" pull down menu, be sure to click "Asilomar Conference Grounds"), please contact Monterey Airbus at 831-373-7777 with any ground transportation questions.

A discounted rental car rate is available for BCI Meeting Attendees at https://www.enterprise.com/car_rental/deeplinkmap.do?bid=002&cust=l32f243


All participants will be housed on site and all meals for all attendees taken together on site so that there will be ample opportunity for informal discussions. For more information on accommodations, see Housing Registration

Visa Information

Conference attendees who need a visa to travel to the US are encouraged to apply for a visa as soon as possible. Those who need invitation letters to get a visa may contact KT Parker at vivaca@att.net An official letter will be sent to the address you provide in the email request. (Note: the address you provide should be an active address so the letter reaches you in a timely manner)

Link to Meeting Agenda


Because of the growth in the field of BCI research, 250-300 participants are expected to attend this meeting. These will include investigators from at least 100 BCI research groups, associated graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows, and experts from related fields. All attendees commit to the entire meeting, from the opening reception on the evening of Monday, June 3 through the Collaboration Incubation Brunch the morning of Friday, June 7. As described in the following subsections, the meeting will have seven basic formal elements as well as several informal elements:

Laboratory Research Reports

On the first full day, representatives of selected BCI laboratories will present brief summaries (i.e., < 10 min including a few questions) of their current BCI research program. These presentations will occupy a total of 7.5 hours. Selection of the summaries to be presented will be done in advance from among abstracts submitted by registrants. The conference committee (which will make the selections) is comprised of attendees who have published extensively in BCI or closely related fields


Keynote Address and Participation of Authorities from Related Fields

On the opening evening, Dr. Joseph J. Fins, M.D., F.A.C.P. will present the keynote address on the important ethical issues that are becoming increasingly prominent and critical as BCIs move toward widespread usage. Dr. Fins is the E. William Davis, Jr., M.D., Professor of Medical Ethics at Weill Cornell Medical College. He is the director of medical ethics at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center and on the faculty of the Rockefeller University. Dr. Fins is a revered authority on medical and neuroethics, and has written extensively on issues related to BCI research and development. His talk is entitled "Neuroethics, BCIs & the Cyborg Myth: Does the Computer make the Man or Does the Man make the Computer?" As in previous meetings, experts in other fields relevant to BCI research are being invited to participate (EEG, signal analysis, neurophysiology, neuroprosthesis development, computer science and human factors). We expect these special participants, as workshop members and in other capacities, will make invaluable contributions to the 2013 meeting.


Demonstrations of Functioning BCI Systems

All requests for tables and chairs or additional power needs for demonstrations must be complete by Friday, May 17, 2013 - 5 PM EST.

In the evenings, participants will have the opportunity to see a variety of functioning BCI systems in operation, and in some cases to try them themselves. We will also invite BCI users who wish to do so to attend the meeting and to demonstrate the functioning of their devices and discuss their perceptions of the advantages and disadvantages of the devices they use. Demonstrations were one of the most popular and worthwhile aspects of all the past BCI meetings. We anticipate that a larger number of improved BCI systems will be presented at this new meeting, and there will be intense interest in observing the actual use of these systems for important purposes, particularly by people who are dependent upon them.

Poster Presentations

The 2013 will again feature poster presentations by attendees who did not give oral presentations, as well as by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. These presentations will amplify the description of each lab's work and should provide the presenters with valuable commentary. Posters will be viewed throughout the meeting.

Students participating in the poster contest should make sure to sign the list at the registration desk when checking into the meeting.

Poster Boards
Poster boards will be available. Two (2) posters will be on each side of each board. The maximum size of each poster is 46 in x 46 in (116 cm x 116 cm)

Virtual User's Forum

BCI research aims to develop devices that are practical and useful to people who need them. The users' forum will discuss technology design, system selection, user and caregiver training, and daily use of speech-generating devices, and will in general provide feedback to BCI researchers on the most important directions for the field. We anticipate that several current BCI users will participate. Contact Jane Huggins at janeh@med.umich.edu if you would like to participate.

Collaboration Incubation Brunch

The meeting will end with a semi-structured brunch session on the morning of June 7, for the culmination of collaboration discussions. Groups interested in collaborations will need sign up for discussion tables prior to or during the meeting. Informal open seating will also be available for impromptu discussions.

Informal Discussions and Interactions

With all of the participants housed at the conference site and with all meals for all attendees taken together on site, the three full days of the meeting will provide ample opportunities for informal discussion. These interactions among participants are crucial to the success of the meeting and to the future course of BCI research and development. We encourage all participants to take advantage of this opportunity.

Satellite Meetings

We are in the planning process of the Satellite Session for the 2013 BCI Meeting. We anticipate these associated meetings will attract additional people who may not have attended the BCI series in the past and will increase the appeal and usefulness of the meeting for those already planning to attend.

  1. BCI2000
    BCI2000 is a general-purpose software platform for brain-computer interface (BCI) research and other neurotechnology applications that depend on real-time data acquisition, processing, and feedback (www.bci2000.org). BCI2000 has been actively developed, maintained and supported since the project's inception in 2000. BCI2000 has been acquired by more than 2500 users around the world and has become the standard software in its field of research. Its use is described in several journal papers, book chapters, a dedicated book published by Springer, in hundreds of pages on the BCI2000 wiki, and in thousands of posts on the BCI2000 bulletin board. In addition to its use for research purposes, BCI2000 has also provided the basis for important emerging clinical applications such as real-time functional mapping or clinical monitoring in intensive care units.

    The 10th BCI2000 workshop will be held at the Asilomar Conference Center at Pacific Grove, California, from June 2-3, 2013, immediately prior to the Fifth International BCI Meeting.

    For more information and to sign up for this meeting, please visit: http://www.bci2011.eu
  2. NSF Student Colloquium
    Details and Information on this meeting are still being determined, please check back.

Women in BCI Research Get Together

Bring your breakfast over to the specially marked tables on Wednesday morning, June 5th, for an informal get-together.

Publication and Other Plans for Dissemination

As for the previous BCI meetings, we presented a summary of the meeting at the annual meeting of the Rehabilitation Engineers of North America (RESNA) .

There will be 2 special issues of peer reviewed journals associated with the BCI meeting. The Journal of Neural Engineering will again publish a special issue of peer-reviewed articles that results form the Fifth International BCI Meeting. New this year, the journal the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation will publish a supplemental issue of peer-reviewed articles that result from the Fifth International BCI Meeting. See Special Issues.


There were two surveys associated with the 2013 BCI Meeting. We appreciated your feedback and participation. We had hoped to hear from everyone who was at the BCI Meeting.

The Evaluation Survey will help us prepare our report to our funding agencies and help us plan for future Meetings.

The Survey on BCI Issues will help us define the current BCI considerations for action by the BCI Society and focus future research priorities.

Steering/Program Committtee (in alphabetical order)

The Steering Committee for the International Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Meeting Series, which became the Program Organization Committee for the Fifth International BCI Meeting, was chosen to provide broad representation across the breadth of BCI research with representatives working in the following research areas. Committee members were also selected to represent the world-wide nature of BCI research and to include the women of BCI research.

Benjamin BlankertzBerlin Institute Technology, Berlin, Germany
Febo CincottiFondazione Santa Lucia, IRCCS, Rome, Italy
Janis DalyMcKnight Brain Institute, COM, Un of Fla; Brain Rehab Research Center, DVA, Gainesville, Fla
Emanuel DonchinSouth Florida University, Tampa, Florida
Shangkai GaoTsinghua University, Beijing, China
Christoph GugerGuger Technologies, Graz, Austria
Bin HeUniversity of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Leigh HochbergVeteran's Administration/Brown University, Providence, RI and Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
Jane HugginsDirect Brain Interface Project, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Melody JacksonGeorgia Tech, Atlanta, GA
Andrea KüblerJulius-Maximilians-University Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany
José del R. MillánSwiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland
Lee MillerNorthwestern University, Chicago, Illinois
Koichi MoriNational Rehabilitation Center For Persons With Disabilities, Saitama, Japan
Gernot Müller-PutzGraz University of Technology, Graz, Austria
Femke NijboerUniversity of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands
Bijan PesaranNew York University, New York, NY
Nick RamseyUtrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Gerwin SchalkWadsworth Center, Albany, NY
Theresa VaughanWadsworth Center, Albany, NY
Justin WilliamsUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Catherine WolfPh.D. in psychology. On long-term disability from the IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY
Jon WolpawWadsworth Center, NYS Dept of Health and State University of New York, Albany, NY

Areas of BCI Research Represented:

  1. BCI/AT User
  2. Clinical/Medical
  3. Assistive Technology
  4. Ethics
  5. Neuroscience
  6. Signal Processing/Machine Learning
  7. Sensor engineering
  8. Psychology (clinical/experimental)
  9. Software
  10. Invasive, humans
  11. Animal Research
  12. Single Neuron/local field potentials
  13. Tissue Interfaces
  14. ECoG
  15. Neuroprosthetics/Robotics
  16. Industry
  17. Stroke Rehab

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